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'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'

18 May 2018

In a rare display of lighthearted humor, an unlikely source weighed in on the internet's "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate: the White House.

The audio meme has now circled the entire internet, and even your most out-of-touch friends have posted what they heard.

When the pitch is turned down 30% you'll hear Yanny, when it is increased 30% you'll clearly hear Laurel.

"It's Laurel", says Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. Strategic-communications director Mercedes Schlapp says, "Yanny's the victor, Laurel's the loser". "I heard 'Yanny, '" said the puzzled Hetzel, when she looked up the word "Laurel".

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"Another user tweeted", When you hear both Yanny and Laurel, but your friends pressure you into choosing one or the other.

A video featuring US President Donald Trump and White House staff received millions of views when it was posted to Twitter today.

Vice President Mike Pence wants to know: "Who's Yanny?"

Finally, the clip ends with President Trump claiming: "I hear Covfefe".

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But, if you hear Yanny, that's all the higher notes. "Who's yanny? I hear coffefe".

"Omg u have ruined this for me", wrote another.

"A little hearing impaired or have some high-frequency loss than your focuses is more towards those low frequencies and you're more likely to hear Laurel", said Stone.

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'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'