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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Details Have Been Released

18 May 2018

Black Ops 4 will not have a traditional single player campaign, as Forbes confirmed.

While multiplayer modes represent an overwhelming majority of the hours spent on previous Call of Duty games, the single-player campaigns have their devoted fans as well. It is not a surprise to be honest if you consider how the late battle royale games have been successful. We can assume we'll see it in action during E3.

We've recapped the game's big overnight reveal below.

That's about all we know, though.

We did get to play several game modes, which helped give us some idea of what to expect when the final game arrives, but it's still far too early to really have a definitive opinion on Black Ops 4.

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The main focus of the Black Ops 4 reveal was multiplayer, which, as rumored, is taking notes from the Overwatch playbook.

Voyage of Despair is set aboard the RMS Titanic, an iconic and monumental setting where our four protagonists discover the truth that befell the doomed passengers on that fateful night.

"When you're playing the campaign, you're sitting down to have that sort of epic and cinematic experience, right?"

Zombies will also have tutorials, difficulty levels, a custom mode with over 100 options, and online challenges called Callings. Each one of the maps will be completely different from the other, but will also feature the return of a fan favorite map as well! "We're weaving narrative into each of the modes".

It will also allow players to use vehicles on the land, sea and air - a key difference to Fortnite and PUBG. Although there is no traditional single player campaign, there's still a lot to experience. Multiplayer is where the most playtime will be invested and what will define its reception among the dedicated Call of Duty fanbase.

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Specialists will make their return. Activision subsidiary Beenox will be working on a version of the game that's "custom-built for the PC", Treyarch co-studio head Mark Gordon said. In fact, it's a huge mistake. Ubisoft releases all its games on its own Uplay launcher, but still sells its Uplay titles on Steam at the same time. Each Specialist will have solo missions that will give players more background on the story, and players have the choice to decide their own sequence.

Moving on from multiplayer, the zombie mode looks to be truly unbelievable!

The official Black Ops 4 beta was announced today during the Call of Duty Community Day. With these huge changes coming into play, even though much information is already out there, there's still much to know and unpack about the game. Instead, the focus seems to be on multiplayer, zombies, and the new battle royale mode.

We're still trying to grasp how the whole thing works for ourselves but it's unique and could kick Fortnite off as the battle royale king.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Details Have Been Released