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Attorney Aaron Schlossberg in Viral Video has History of Verbally Harassing People

18 May 2018

Gonzalez and Serrano are heard laughing and mocking Schlossberg, with Serrano calling him "ignorant" and saying he shouldn't be allowed in the restaurant.

"I let it go and pretty much forgot about it until I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and randomly saw a thumbnail and thought, 'No freaking way!'" Morris said.

A day after a video of him going on a xenophobic rant in a NY restaurant went viral, an attorney was hit with an avalanche of criticism on social media, kicked out of his office space and was the subject of a formal complaint by two politicians requesting he be disbarred. The irate individual in the footage has since been identified as NY lawyer Aaron Schlossberg.

Schlossberg's bio on his website says he focuses on commercial and insurance coverage issues.

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Yelpers are flooding the ratings site with one-star reviews of Schlossberg's law firm, so much so that Yelp has posted on that page that it is doing an "active cleanup": "This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news". This often happens when businesses engage in behavior that garners negative attention to them.

But it turns out this was not an isolated incident for the attorney who is (surprise, surprise), a Trump supporter. Having more than doubled their goal, the campaign's organizer now plans to send a Taco truck as well. "But all of those pale in comparison to Schlossberg's rant earning him a rebuke from the Daily News, which put a still from the video on its cover today along with the words "¡Jódete, idiota!"

"You care about America because you need America, so f**k you", he continued. "You're goddamn welcome for letting you in here". According to his LinkedIn page (which has since been removed), he is a graduate of the Haverford School, an all boy's private high school in Philadelphia, and has a law degree from George Washington University.

Early Thursday morning, journalist Andrew Ramos posted a video of Schlossberg being confronted outside a courthouse in Queens.

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He turned up in another viral video in May 2017 after taking part in a rally in support of right-wing provocateurs Milo Yiannapoulos and Pamela Geller. He also flips his middle finger at the counterprotesters. Schlossberg is fluent in Spanish, the profile says.

He was also seen chanting "Milo".

But he said he will not announce the day or time given that there are counter-protestors who want to crash it. Some community and political-based organizations have posted the event on Facebook and more than 2,000 people have indicated they will attend. Aaron Schlossberg has been dogged by online criticism this week ever since his racist rant toward workers hit social media on Tuesday.

"This guy should know better". "Where in the constitution or the law does it say that in a public place that you can't use another language other than English?"

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Aaron Schlossberg was asked by reporters about him threatening to call ICE on people speaking Spanish in a restaurant.

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg in Viral Video has History of Verbally Harassing People