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As criticism for Israel mounts, Guatemala opens its embassy in Jerusalem

18 May 2018

"Hamas is the one that sends us Facebook and text messages telling us to go and in the mosques, they call and send flyers to tell to go to the fence", the unidentified Hamas member said.

Originally from Yafa, he insists that it was his "ethical and national obligation" to protest Israel's occupation and the Palestinian people's forced displacement.

Israel hit a Hamas base in an air raid Thursday in response to gunfire from the Gaza Strip, but weeks of deadly mass protests and clashes along the border may be reaching an end as Ramazan begins.

Israel's passage in June 1980 of a law proclaiming Jerusalem its "indivisible and eternal capital" led to a UN Security Council resolution calling on Guatemala and several other countries to move their embassies to Tel Aviv.

Similar to the U.S. Embassy inauguration, the Guatemalan event brought Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and prominent worldwide supporters of Israel, including GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson and a smattering of evangelical leaders. Israel responded to its envoy's expulsion by expelling Turkey's Jerusalem consul.

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The ministry said Wednesday that its ambassadors to Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria were being called home for consultations.

The Trump administration's close ties with Israel mean that the Palestinians shouldn't hold out for condemnation of IDF brutality or American support.

The embassy move added fuel to weekly Palestinian protests in Gaza demanding the right of refugees to return to Israel and the lifting of a decade-old blockade. "It's trying to defend its borders", Hoyer said in response to a question from The Intercept at a pen-and-pad session on Tuesday with reporters on Capitol Hill.

Israel on Wednesday welcomed another embassy in Jerusalem just two days after the landmark move by the United States, even as the diplomatic fallout over Gaza bloodshed intensified with Israel and Turkey trading bitter recriminations. "No one would." Haley said.

"It was clear to Israel and now it is clear to the whole world that there was no popular protest".

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Israel has rejected criticism over Monday's violence, with the United States strongly backing its ally and blaming Hamas for the deaths.

"The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas".

"There is no mediation".

He said Pakistan believes in a two-state solution of the Palestine dispute and in accordance with the UN resolutions, and that the entire Muslim world is united over this issue. "They continue to be an indispensable partner in operations to defeat ISIS".

Organisers say the Gaza protests are civilian actions, noting the absence of Israeli casualties, compared to 107 Palestinian dead and thousands of wounded.

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Palestinians and rights groups say protesters are being shot despite posing no threat to Israeli soldiers on the other side of the heavily guarded fence.

As criticism for Israel mounts, Guatemala opens its embassy in Jerusalem