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Microsoft formally announce the Xbox Adaptive Controller

17 May 2018

Where the Adaptive Controller earns its name is in how it connects to a huge range of other input devices, such as joysticks, buttons, switches, foot pedals, mouth pieces, and conventional controllers.

Microsoft have officially unveiled their accessible controller.

Leaked earlier in the week, today Microsoft formally announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a controller created to empower gamers with specific mobility and control needs to play as well as anyone else. A year later, a prototype was developed for an internal Microsoft hackathon that tracked a user's movements via the Kinect.

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It will be called the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and has been designed in collaboration with AbleGamers, a charity that aims to help gamers with disabilities enjoy our awesome hobby. We worked closely with them and directly with gamers who have limited mobility to assist in our development. We can't wait to see more of it in use! "At Microsoft, we believe in empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more", wrote Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox.

The controller has two big buttons built in that can be reprogrammed to work as any of the inputs on a standard controller using the Xbox Accessories app.

The Adaptive Controller isn't available for sale just yet, but the official Microsoft store page is already up, and you can keep track of it here. Each slot on the back is labeled for its corresponding traditional button, making setting up the controller as simple as "plug and play". We couldn't be prouder to have their support in introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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"When a company as big as Microsoft starts introducing devices like the Xbox Adaptive gives me another tool to do my work", says Spohn.

The controller will likely be on hand during this year's Xbox Fanfest and looks to be a remarkable way to bring players into games.

The new controller was supposedly developed in consultation with a range of charities and not-for-profit organisations, including AbleGamers and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and is created to support a variety of plugs and common inputs for accessibility.

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Microsoft formally announce the Xbox Adaptive Controller