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Netta Barzilai wins 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for Israel

16 May 2018

On the official website of the Eurovision song contest appeared voting for "the best performance over the last 10 years".

"It's a moment of joy that makes everybody together, it's a consensus", said Izhar Cohen, who won Israel's first Eurovision crown 40 years ago. But unlike other nations, in order for it to do battle within the parameters of an worldwide contest, Israel must also fight the forces of "BDS" - the Palestinian-initiated effort to isolate the Jewish state by not participating in cultural, academic, sporting or professional events.

The scientists then compared data from countries who participated but did badly, to countries who didn't take part at all.

But the organisers denied any intentional snub of Jerusalem, which Israel and the United States consider its capital despite the refusal of most of the world's countries to agree.

As she picked up her award, Barzilai shouted to the crowd, "I love my country. I want to tell you that after 30 years of working for feminism, I can point to you and say, 'There, that's how you do it'".

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The Eurovision win comes as Israel is enjoying an unparalleled grace period.

He said security forces in Jerusalem were on high alert because of the embassy event but also because of the annual Jerusalem Day march, which includes a nationalistic parade Sunday through Arab neighborhoods in the city, Nakba Day events and, later in the week, the start of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. It just concluded a successful hosting of the start of the Giro d'Italia cycling race, the first Grand Tour event ever held outside Europe.

Netanyahu referenced Barzilai again in a speech Sunday morning, saying: "These days Jerusalem is blessed with many gifts. We are all hoarse, we celebrated all night and we didn't sleep".

According to Barzilai in a previous interview, the song was "influenced by the #MeToo movement".

Previously, she was seen mainly in clubs and private functions.

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The team, who analysed data collected around the time of the Eurovision Song Contest (May and June) between 2009-2015, found that people reported being more satisfied with their life if their country had done well in the Eurovision Song Contest that year.

"It's so fun that you chose something different".

"We write our own stories, I'm proud of all of you and I'm proud of our family", she said, before launching into the well-known anthem twice in a row.

Barzilai, a plus-sized 24-year-old, said "Toy" was a celebration of diversity and a protest against the objectification of women and body shaming.

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Netta Barzilai wins 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for Israel