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Mario Tennis Aces Serves Up Pre-Launch Tournament

16 May 2018

We won't know for sure how it turns out until it releases in June, but Nintendo plans to give fans a sneak peak prior to that with an online demo.

Mario Tennis Aces will release for Nintendo Switch on June 22.

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Luckily, the game is getting a free demo, so anyone with a Nintendo Switch can try out the game early, ahead of its June 22 release. Matches are playable online against other people around the world or in single-player against AI-controlled opponents, but in this trial you'll need to be connected to the internet at all times no matter which mode you play. Coupled with the new moves you can pull off in regular matches, Mario Tennis Aces is really aiming to smash through previous tennis titles and make this the biggest one yet.

Check out the Adventure Mode trailer for Mario Tennis Aces below. At the time of this writing, the tournament has only been announced for Europe and Japan, with no word on whether or not it'll be available in the US. In the trailer, we see some sort of dark energy taking over Luigi, and it seems that it has already taken over Wario and Waluigi. As Mario progresses through the various stages, he will level up and collect more powerful rackets to wield against the forces of this mysterious evil.

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You can pick up the game starting June 22nd, but look forward to trying out its free online event beginning June 1st.

What do you think of the story mode in Mario Tennis Aces? If you'd rather turn off all of the fancy chance shots and play a more straightforward game of tennis, you're more than welcome to do that as well, but where's the fun in that?!

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Mario Tennis Aces Serves Up Pre-Launch Tournament