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Iran's talks with European countries to save the nuclear deal

16 May 2018

Such is tribal politics these days.

The analyst believes that in case the Iranian issue is discussed at the UN Security Council, China and Russian Federation, two permanent UNSC members, could support Tehran.

Global Times cites Zarif as noting that "Iran attaches great importance to the development of [a] friendship with China and is willing to cooperate with China on the Belt and Road initiative [BRI] in areas such as connectivity and infrastructure construction".

Under the terms of the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement, the Islamic Republic of Iran renounced the development of nuclear weapons. These were strengthened continuously and beginning in 2006, the United Nations approved what had become a harsh economic embargo on Iran.

Tehran could easily exploit the distance between both sides of the Atlantic over Iran policy to continue its destabilizing activities-support for terror groups in the region-with little unified Western response. "We don't have much to threaten the Americans".

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He didn't answer Tapper's question, and he never quite explains how extricating ourselves from a flawed deal in and of itself puts us now in a better spot. In addition, which leader hinted he might attack the U.S.?

"If you really want to make an agreement, then we should have practical guarantees or else they will all do like the USA did".

The European countries apparently hope to find ways to enable companies to continue business with Iran even if the United States re-imposes sanctions.

"We'll outline what we might be able to do to keep trade flowing, but we'll tell them (Iran) that they should be under no illusion about our ability to influence American policy and to influence the economic situation." the diplomat said.

With zero evidence, Bolton insists the Europeans will leave the Iran deal. "Obviously, a blow to Iran always mean a blow to Beijing, because the two are close economic partners".

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Senior Iranian officials say Europeans need to make good on their promises if they wanted to salvage the nuclear deal.

But we also remain concerned how President Trump's scrubbing of the Iran deal will impact future diplomatic negotiations with Kim Jong Un. While Iranian rockets targeted Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, Israel reciprocated by conducting extensive strikes against Iranian targets across Syria. We still lack an approach to addressing these challenges. This works if you are a Fox News contributor or a lively dinner speaker, but not if you are in charge of assembling viable options for the president.

The Trump decision to dump an worldwide deal for partisan political reasons is another in a series of US moves that undermines confidence in the a negotiating partner. He warned the USA that with the deal off now, Iran could restart enriching uranium "without any limitations" within a few weeks.

But European diplomats briefed on the Brussels meeting acknowledged that the EU support, however honest, risked looking hollow after Trump last week reimposed an array of wide sanctions on the Islamic Republic that will hit European companies investing in Iran. Pompeo may learn the hard way that making deals is harder than undoing them and that remaking deals we abrogate is harder still.

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Iran's talks with European countries to save the nuclear deal