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Facebook says Zuckerberg still won't testify in the UK

16 May 2018

On Reddit, readers are condemning IBM for sending more than 100 executives to Capitol Hill this week in an effort to prevent USA policy makers from copying GDPR, Europe's new privacy standards, which give citizens the right to access their personal data and learn how it's being used, prevents companies from processing personal data unless users give explicit consent, and requires them to adopt privacy by design principles, among other restrictions.

Facebook blocked around 200 apps for interfering with user's privacy and misusing their data. The data of these users profiles was not only shared with the Cambridge researchers, the data was available to anyone wanting to access it.

"But he will the next time he enters the country".

Chief Technical Officer Mike Schroepfer appeared before the Parliament in place of Zuckerberg, but the committee was not pleased by the move.

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But committee chairman Damian Collins said Facebook failed to provide "a sufficient level of detail and transparency" and complained of discrepancies between Mr Schroepfer's testimony and answers provided by Mr Zuckerberg to the US Senate.

Rebecca Stimson, head of public policy for Facebook in the United Kingdom, said in a letter to Collins that the Facebook founder had no plans to travel to the United Kingdom.

Also, Schroepfer revealed that nobody at Facebook had read the terms and conditions of Aleksandr Kogan's "This Is Your Digital Life" app, which may have taken up to 87 million users personal information, according to Facebook.

Zuckerberg is likely to give evidence to the European Parliament according to Politico, and Collins says the committee will ask he does the same in the UK before the May 24 (UK Parliament).

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The Social Network also offered a more detailed answer to why it changed its policies so some 70 per cent of its users - who are in Africa, Asia, Australasia and Latin/South America - no longer have Facebook Ireland as their data controller.

One of America's largest tech companies is telling USA lawmakers it doesn't want to see the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation matched on US shores.

"It will show people if they or their friends installed an app that misused data before 2015 - just as we did for Cambridge Analytica", Archibong said.

In its latest response, Facebook added a little more colour - although the answer is unlikely to satisfy privacy experts. "We were disappointed after providing a very significant amount of information to the committee at the last hearing the committee declared our response insufficient", wrote Stimson.

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Facebook says Zuckerberg still won't testify in the UK