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Elon Musk explains Falcon 9 Block 5 which carried Bangabandhu-1

16 May 2018

Elon Musk indicates that SpaceX will probably build 30 to 40 rocket cores for ~300 missions over 5 years. The very best technology minds at SpaceX have agonized over this ...

While it's the fifth iteration of the Falcon 9, Musk said the Block 5 "is arguably Falcon 9's version 6" based on how improvements have been made over time.

In addition to higher reusability, SpaceX's Block 5 Falcon 9 is created to satisfy NASA business team requirements and Flying force nationwide security launch requirements.

The rocket's first stage was successfully recovered, landing on the "Of Course I Still Love You" offshore droneship, about eight minutes after the launch, at an unmanned platform vessel in the Pacific Ocean. "The secret to Block 5 is the fact that it is meant to perform 10 or more flights without a refurbishment between every flight".

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After an upgraded version of the Falcon 9 Block, five was lifted into space which was carrying Bangladesh Government first-ever satellite known as the Bangabandhu-1, Mr. Musk very confidently said that this liftoff was just the beginning. SpaceX would like to property and, over 24 hours, relaunch a Block 5 initial stage prior to the end of 2019, firm founder and CEO Elon Musk said. The Falcon 9 rockets that SpaceX has been flying for the past year are all reusable, but they require an extensive teardown between flights to perform maintenance. "The one thing which must change would be to reload propellant and fly".

Be on the lookout for Falcon 9 "Block 5 " s first launch tomorrow afternoon.

Musk stated the Falcon 9's octaweb structure, utilized to support all 9 first stage engines and offer compartmentalization in case several stops working, is now much more powerful.

While Musk's ultimate goal is a rapid turnaround for the Falcon 9, the technology isn't quite there yet.

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The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket made its debut on Friday, May 11, and was overall a resounding success.

Musk said the rocket's interstage features a hydrophobic thermal protection developed by SpaceX that is highly reusable and doesn't require paint. The Falcon 9 formerly used aluminum fins for steering the Falcon 9 first point back to Earth, but SpaceX shifted those around the Block 3 into titanium following the aluminum fins caught fire through reentry.

Musk said the each of the nine Merlin engines used to power the Falcon 9's first stage now have an 8 percent increase in thrust at sea level to 190,000 pounds-force.

He highlighted that any more modifications would be little.

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Elon Musk explains Falcon 9 Block 5 which carried Bangabandhu-1