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Co-Pilot Nearly Sucked Out Of Plane After Cockpit Window Shattered

16 May 2018

A Chinese passenger jet was forced into an emergency landing after its windscreen blew out at 32,000ft, sucking the co-pilot halfway out of the plane.

Liu heard a loud band and looked over; the cockpit's right windshield has been blasted off.

"There was no warning sign. The next thing I knew, my co-pilot had been sucked halfway out".

Reuters quoted the captain as saying, "everything in the cockpit was floating in the air". Many devices were malfunctioned and the plane was jolting strongly.

Sichuan Airlines Captain Liu Chuanjian and his crew members received praise on social media in China after having to manually land an Airbus A319 when pressure and temperature dropped inside the aircraft. A Flybe flight in England made an emergency landing when the cockpit windshield broke after takeoff.

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"Some people were screaming, but the crew told us that the pilot had the ability to bring us home safely, which calmed our emotions", said Phuntsog, 25.

"The plane felt like it was free falling going down and we were probably going down for 10 or 15 minutes and of course, everyone is freaking out", recalled passenger Marty Martinez.

'I'm still nervous. I don't dare to take an aeroplane anymore. "But I'm also happy I had a narrow escape".

No one was killed from the incident, which occurred about an hour into the flight headed from southwestern China to Tibet on Monday morning.

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The co-pilot, who was wearing a seatbelt, was fortunately pulled back in, only suffering scratches and a sprained wrist, the China's Civil Aviation Administration said, while another cabin crew member was also injured in the descent. None of the plane's 119 passengers was reported injured.

It was one of the flight attendants who sustained injuries during this event, along with the co-pilot.

Sichuan Airlines, a regional company based in Chengdu, offers flights to domestic regions in China and various other global locations, including Japan, Canada and the Czech Republic.

"The windshield has not recorded any failures, nor did it require any maintenance and replacement work" before the incident, Tang Weibin said.

It was no easy task bringing the plane in for an emergency landing as it was "jolting strongly", making the aircraft hard to control.

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Co-Pilot Nearly Sucked Out Of Plane After Cockpit Window Shattered