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Cargill has 'significant concerns' over US-China trade spat

16 May 2018

Speaking at an event hosted by Axios, Kudlow said he saw the odds of the U.S., Canada and Mexico agreeing on a new Nafta deal at a slim 51-49.

JPMorgan also added that Trump requires China as an ally, before Trump's meeting with North Korea's head Kim and that due to this, till this meeting completes on June 12, the signs regarding trade from USA will be optimistic.

"The failure to reach any agreement with the USA delegation rang alarm bells for many Chinese officials who used to be blindly optimistic", a source said.

The widening trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies has taken a toll on both sides.

China's government has pressed the Trump administration in recent trade talks to lift the sanctions and the president voiced sympathy for ZTE in a tweet Sunday.

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"The toughest thing we could do, the thing that will move China the most, is taking tough action against actors like ZTE", Schumer said.

After top Trump officials went to Beijing last month, the Chinese government wrote up a document with a list of economic and trade demands that ranged from the reasonable to the ridiculous. The department said ZTE had misled regulators: Instead of disciplining all employees involved in the sanctions violations, Commerce said, ZTE paid some of them full bonuses and then lied about it.

-China trade talks in Beijing earlier this month where the two countries failed to reach an agreement on the long list of USA demands.

If the monetary policy is reversed, it would be a setback to Liu's economic policies which focuses on deleveraging and have profound implications for social stability in the long term. "It's really divorced from the trade story", Kudlow said.

Early last month the trade row intensified with both countries issuing details on further tariffs and with the food industry again caught in the crossfire.

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An intensifying rivalry over advanced technology has also fueled demands by Washington that China give up policies that favor domestic companies. We'll have a very patchy picture going forward because some foreign firms will continue to prosper in China and some sectors will get less, not more constrained. "They are working very hard".

ZTE last week announced that it will cease all operations as a result of the Trump's administration's April 15th export ban against the Chinese smartphone maker.

So, as Trump pushes to cut American children's health insurance, allow corporations to pollute our drinking water without penalty, and diminishes our global leadership, he's carving out precious time to save a Chinese company that has been spying on us and our allies for over a decade.

Last November, China waited until Trump had left Beijing following his first official visit to the country to announce that it would open up its financial sector - a move created to stress it was making reforms on its own terms.

The utilisation of nontraditional collectors here in the United States - engineers, scientists, students in school - and their ability to, from a cyber-enabled perspective, identify and attract unclassified data from research facilities continues to allow the U.S. to not only lose positions, jobs, research and funding, as well as provide first-to-market capability to the Chinese, he said.

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Cargill has 'significant concerns' over US-China trade spat