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Barnier: 'Little progress' in Brexit talks since March

16 May 2018

"I don't think that works. The clock is ticking", said Roth at the meeting with his fellow diplomats in Brussels.

In contrast, Mr Barnier invited Britain to continue paying into the EU's overseas foreign aid projects, which he said would help the United Kingdom and the bloc shape the world order after Brexit.

May is struggling to overcome deep divisions in her government over the nature of Britain's divorce with the European Union and find agreement on a customs proposal to take to Brexit talks in Brussels, which have all but stalled in recent weeks.

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The backstop, a fallback position or guarantee that there will be no infrastructure on the Border and commitment by the United Kingdom to maintaining North-South regulatory alignment, is part of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement that is supposed to be finalised by October. Within the it trade with the EU after Brexit should be carried out under the same conditions, but London will be able to begin trade negotiations with countries outside the EU, for now, remaining a member of the EU, he has no right.

Barnier later said that there had been "a little, not very little progress" but warned that more was urgently needed. "What we are concerned is in particular the question of Northern Ireland, where we expect a significant compromise from the British side".

The EU's chief negotiator insisted that the EU was "not kicking the United Kingdom out" of the satellite navigation system and said that Britain could continue to use the encrypted signal after Brexit.

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Mr Coveney was speaking in Brussels to journalists after a long meeting with European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier at which, he said, it was clear the European Union task force and the Irish Government remain "of the one mind" on their approach.

The deal could include regular British-EU foreign policy talks, cooperation on military and aid missions, cooperation on defence projects and intelligence sharing, Barnier said. The financial sector wants a new system whereby foreign staff in the United Kingdom who are sent to work there for up to six months can enter and leave the country freely without employees having to apply for a visa before the trip.

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Barnier: 'Little progress' in Brexit talks since March