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Bethesda Teases Rage 2 Reveal for Next Week

14 May 2018

Perhaps it's an entirely new game from Bethesda Game Studios.

The latest teaser image is here, and this one's a bit more on-the-nose than the others. The tweets show Rage characters and they have clear signs of another Rage title. The original Rage came in a special Anarchy Edition, so there is some tie to suggest this is Rage-related.

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If all the excitement about a possible new Rage due to Bethesda's relentless hyping and teasing over the last few days has you on the verge of losing your mind, you can rest easy, as apparently, we're getting an announcement trailer tomorrow.

The first image in question is of London's Big Ben which has been edited to show the apparent date using the same colour as its previous tweet aimed at Walmart. This one features a rocket firing into space with the numbers "5-14" adorned on the side.

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Bethesda are energetically teasing something on Twitter. It's clear that something is coming on Monday.

The madness started with the official RAGE Twitter responding to the Walmart leak with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for where the shoddily thrown together store listing for RAGE 2 went wrong, with what looks to be very distinctive pink scrawling. Whether that means anything at this point is unclear, but the choice of color between each of these posts is telling.

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The company followed those up with another cryptic tweet depicting the Sukiyabashi Crossing in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, which is where the Sony Building is located, also smeared in pink. The Internet is already scouring the image for clues.

Bethesda Teases Rage 2 Reveal for Next Week