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Apple faces class action suit

14 May 2018

The lawsuit argues that "Apple has failed to disclose that the keyboard is defective, and this information would have been important to Plaintiffs' decision to purchase a MacBook" and that even after fix the problem reoccurs.

Thousands of MacBook users disagree, asserting that the butterfly keyboard frequently failed.

One plaintiff, Zixuan Rao, said he bought a MacBook Pro in January and just one month later started facing problems with his keyboard. After attempting to clean out the key on his own, Rao ultimately sought help from the Apple store in April.

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The suit alleges repeatedly that Apple "promoted and sold laptops it knew were defective in that they contain a keyboard that is substantially certain to fail prematurely", and that selling these computers not only directly to its customers but also to third party retailers constitutes a violation of good faith. The "butterfly" keyboard was released to be more stable within a thinner laptop build.

The class action below begins with the Plaintiff's "Summary of the Action" which is presented below verbatim so as to not misinterpret their exact complaint.

Apple has been Hit with an 8 Count Class Action claiming that the MacBook Pro's keyboard with its "Butterfly" mechanism is Defective. On older keyboards this looks like a pair of scissors, but Apple redesigned the mechanism to look like a butterfly.

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"Despite awareness of the defect, Apple touted - and continues to tout - the MacBook as having a superior and highly responsive keyboard, with "four times more key stability than a traditional scissor mechanism".

Tech giant Apple has filed for a patent on a dust-resistant butterfly switch keyboard back in 2016. Over 22,000 people have signed an online petition imploring Apple to recall and replace the MacBook keyboards. Apple has in some ways acknowledged the problem, though not directly.

Unresponsive keyboards in a MacBook or MacBook Pro render the devices unsuitable for use.

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The lawsuit is calling for "appropriate injunctive and declaratory relief", including demanding Apple provide adequate disclosure of the defective nature of the MacBooks and pay plaintiffs' costs to remedy replacing defective MacBook laptops. Unlike other laptops for professionals, such as the ThinkPad (which had a butterfly keyboard of a different sort), the entire keyboard is bonded with the top case, requiring full replacement.

Apple faces class action suit