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Watch American Idol season 16, episode 11 online

18 April 2018

Katy complimented the "synchronicity" and "flow" of the performance.

Hutchinson said the rehearsal time for the performances were much more relaxed than those for the frantic "Hollywood Week" phase in which 160 musicians performed after coming from local auditions. Amelia Hammer Harris is singing "Me, Myself & I" alongside Bebe.

Sadly, though, she has a case of constantly putting style over substance, and radio host and talent guru Bobby Bones tried to help her with interpersonal connections.

The sixteenth season of American Idol premiered on March 11, 2018, on the ABC television network.

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Maddie Poppe picked up the mood in a big way with Melanie's "Brand New Key", throwing in plenty of personality.

"A star is born", said Lionel Richie to Vox after the performance. Bryan admitted, "You didn't have me, until tonight". It wasn't really out of my comfort zone. Ada is a diva and a definite artist.

The American Idol reboot is ramping things up as the Top 14 contestants have been revealed. Part of that identity has changed, with Caleb dropping 70 pounds.

Effie Passero had the ideal confidence for Heart's hit, "Barracuda", and all the judges noticed. When Shannon hits a high note, Lionel is taken aback.

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Alyssa Raghu is only 15, and her goal for the night was to get the attention of all the judges, not just her advocate, Katy Perry. The two bonded over the fact that they both get stage fright. "No kidding. There is no denying your presence, your voice, your statement, and I applaud you", Lionel gushed. Lionel commended her for "finding her center", while Katy advised her to find a combination of center and swagger.

#Marcio Donaldson makes it clear every time he steps onto the stage that he is singing for what matters-a future for himself and his son, Rashad. Lionel tells Marcio, "It was a spiritual moment, my friend". But, surprise - the young lady was hiding right there in the audience all along.

Tears streaming down his face, Donaldson looked in disbelief as Bryan praised him for his "world-class performance".

Mara Justine showed her vulnerable side with Rachel Platten on "Fight Song". Okay, if nerves keep making her sing like a freakin' rock star then keep those nerves going. After the performance, Perry was literally on her knees and said, "Wig flew!" But as the season has progressed, she's had a hard time standing out. The journey for Jurnee isn't over. They team up and perform Lea's song "Run to You". Jurnee is wonderful and to keep up with Lea Michele is incredible. Bryan gave him a backhanded compliment by saying, "You're not the best singer, but you're such a dadgum heartthrob". Katy believes Marcio has had a transformation on this show and that he's exuding confidence. "And now just let your magic shine".

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Watch American Idol season 16, episode 11 online