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Sandy Hook families suing Infowars' Alex Jones

18 April 2018

Almost six years after gunman Adam Lanza killed dozens of children and faculty members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a major conspiracy theorist has been sued for his incendiary comments.

The New York Times reports that three parents whose children died in the Sandy Hook shooting back in 2012 have filed two defamation lawsuits against Alex Jones, a noted right-wing conspiracy theorist and radio show host who views the incident as being "giant hoax" and "completely fake".

"This heartless and vile act of defamation reignited the Sandy Hook "false flag" conspiracy and tore open the emotional wounds that [the family] has tried so desperately to heal", the lawsuit for the family of deceased 6-year-old Jesse Heslin said. The other is under the names Veronique De La Rosa and Leonard Pozner, parents of victim Noah Pozner. Jones' InfoWars media site and affiliated Free Speech Systems were also named as defendants.

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Jones has been a controversial figure and one of the leading voices in the Sandy Hook truther movement, a group that claims the December 14, 2012 shooting never occurred. Jones has consistently claimed the shooting was a hoax and the parents of the victims are actors. In 2016, a Florida woman was arrested for threatening to kill one Sandy Hook parent.

InfoWars founder Jones has questioned what he calls the "official story" of Sandy Hook and suggested a political cover-up took place.

However, the lawsuit said the parents were later given access to their dead children's' bodies.

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Brennan Gilmore, 38, said in that lawsuit that Jones and InfoWars published stories that damaged his reputation and led to threats against him.

Mr. Jones proposes that they are just actors. Pictured above is Jones alongside Roger Stone and Jonathan Alter at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Both families are represented by Houston attorney Mark Bankston, who filed a previous lawsuit against Jones and Infowars for misidentifying the shooter in the recent Parkland school shooting.

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Sandy Hook families suing Infowars' Alex Jones