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Australian Greens announce push to legalise cannabis

17 April 2018

A spokesman for Pauline Krikee, the mayor, said the ban was needed after "many complaints from residents and visitors" about the smell of cannabis and noise from drug users.

And people would be allowed to grow up to six plants at home for their own personal use.

It would be legal for adults to purchase and use the drug through a "properly regulated market for production and supply", under the party's plan.

Lents says, 'This is no quirk, nor is it just too early to see the inevitable spike in teen drug use. This snapshot of marijuana use by occupation and industry "can help direct and maximize impact of public health messaging and potential safety interventions for adults", the CDC said.

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Colorado, among the 29 states and D.C. that have legalized medicinal marijuana use and a smaller handful allowing recreational use, has raked in upwards of $506 million dollars in taxes and fees since recreational cannabis sales began in January 2014, according to a July report from the marijuana advocacy and policy firm VS Strategies.

"We need to get real about cannabis". It would also make this agency the single wholesaler for the drug, selling on to licensed retailers.

"Prohibition has failed. Using cannabis remains illegal, but this has not stopped Australians from using it".

Strict penalties would apply to anyone caught for the sale of unlicensed or black market cannabis, the sale of cannabis to under age consumers and other breaches of license conditions.

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Not everyone is against the idea, with the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation welcoming the announcement. "Regulating cannabis will give government more control and increase government revenue, which can be used to fund drug prevention and treatment". Our plan to create a legal market for cannabis production and sale will reduce the risks, bust the business model of criminal dealers and syndicates and protect young people from unfair criminal prosecutions.

A push by the Australian Greens to legalise cannabis use has been rejected by the Turnbull government.

"Former Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner Mick Palmer has come out in support of the Greens" cannabis initiative.

Senator Di Natale pointed to a recent poll showing 55 per cent of Australians believed cannabis should be regulated and taxed like alcohol or tobacco.

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Australian Greens announce push to legalise cannabis