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Fashion Week Comes to Saudi Arabia-in Modest Style

14 April 2018

Saudi Arabia is gradually moving towards the modernism, as they hosts the first ever fashion week at Ritz Carlton Hotel Riyadh where Fashionable Women, Blonde Europeans and dark haired Saudis are present to attend the event.

Designers from Brazil, Lebanon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States and the United Arab Emirates showcased their works at the event.

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Still, it's expected to be a noteworthy event, with designers Roberto Cavalli and Jena Paul Gaultier featuring alongside local designers.

"Fashion has always been an interest of Saudi Arabia", Princess Noura told AFP at the event. It is not something that was previously off the table or out of the picture. Saudi Arabia has been predominantly a conservative country with several restrictions on women and their rights. "The decision for postponing the event was made simply so that we are able to accommodate all the worldwide guests who had applied to attend", Jacob Abrian, the chief executive of the Arab Fashion Council told The New York Times.

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Listed as an worldwide fashion week alongside Paris and Milan, Arab Fashion Week - which usually takes place in Dubai, offers exclusively see-now-buy-now collections and pre-collections.

Prior to this hosting in Saudi, Arab Fashion week has been exclusively held in the Gulf of Dubai.

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But unlike Dubai, the Riyadh shows are not open to cameras, and attendees remain women-only. The ultra-conservative kingdom has been following strict social norms for ages but under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, things have started changing. Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive from June 2018, ending the ban on women driving.

Fashion Week Comes to Saudi Arabia-in Modest Style