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Virginia Biker Who Flipped Off Trump Motorcade Sues Ex-Employer for Sacking

06 April 2018

Her actions had consequences.

The suit alleges when Akima forced her to resign, it violated Virginia employment law.

The lawsuit, filed by the Geller Law Group and Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan pressure group, argues that Akima violated Virginia employment law by firing Briskman out of fear of unlawful government retaliation.

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Although Briskman's face is not visible in the photo, she disclosed the incident to her bosses at Akima after the image went viral.

The company said at the time that the photo barred their Internet-use policy, but Ms. Briskman contends it was fear of the Trump administration, citing, among other facts, that her Facebook page did not mention where she worked. While Briskman was sacked for that expression, one of the company's Senior Director of Operations stated a derogatory statement regarding the Black Lives Movement and he was still employed by the company.

She added that Americans should not have to choose between "principles and their pay cheques".

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Her lawsuit is seeking $2,692.30 to cover the additional two weeks severance pay she was owed after she was given only half of the four week promised pay.

"Ms. Briskman chose in her private time and in her capacity as a private citizen to express her disapproval of President Trump by extending her middle finger", attorney Maria Simon said. Even though the senior director's Facebook profile identified him as an Akima employee, the suit says, he was allowed to delete the offensive comment and keep his job.

The image was captured by photographers travelling with the president and quickly went viral, earning her fan mail, hate mail, cash donations and five minutes of fame. Ted Nugent unleashed his fury onto the Parkland, Florida survivors who planned the March For Our Lives moment that inspired the country to protest for stricter gun control policies.

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There were a lot of political messages that came out of this year's Grammy Awards. A Protect Democracy press release is here and the state court lawsuit is here.

Virginia Biker Who Flipped Off Trump Motorcade Sues Ex-Employer for Sacking