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PDP Says "Sorry" To Nigerians

26 March 2018

Mr. Uche Secondus, National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has apologized to Nigerians for the "mistakes" the party made during its 16 years governing the country.

On behalf of my colleagues and members of this party, I apologize to Nigerians.

The APC Forum of non-National Working Committee (NWC), had however, said that members who took the party to court out of grievance without exhausting its internal mechanism should be disciplined. It was all part of our evolution process. Without it, there can be no maturity.

He said that the PDP has lost every moral ground and it is mortally afraid of facing the 2019 general elections because Nigerians will always remember their past and punish them one more time for economically plundering the country.

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He stated that the PDP's decision to drag the All Progressives Congress (APC) and INEC to the United Nations over alleged plan or plot to rig the 2019 general elections were not only laughable and puerile, but they also demonstrated the level of desperation that was haunting the opposition leaders.

Secondus also attacked APC for running a government of propaganda and the government for failing to stop Boko Haram menace.

It is important to do so because we have learnt from our mistakes unlike the All Progressive Congress (APC) that will make mistakes and lie to cover it.

He condemned the borrowing spree of the APC administration, saying, "from friends and members of this government, we learnt that while in 16 years PDP government was able to borrow N6 trillion and had some projects commissioned for it, in just less than three years, APC regime has borrowed N11 trillion and has not commissioned a single project".

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"The fight against corruption cannot and must not be selective".

"Boko Haram has not only remained alive but spreading under a new name, despite several political claims of dismantling it", he said. There's no voting in Wadata (in Abuja), he said.

"Go to your constituency and tell your people to vote for you".

Omotola said on telephone from Johannesburg, South Africa, on Monday that the youths and women had a lot to contribute to the fortunes of the party come 2019 elections.

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