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Ninja's Monthly Earnings Top $500000 Streaming Fortnite on Twitch

21 March 2018

The fact that Tyler Blevins, who is better known as "Ninja" on Twitch, makes about $500,000 a month simply by playing Fortnite on Twitch.

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The controversial YouTuber has created a Twitch channel to begin streaming Fortnite, which has not been well received by members of the community. The free-to-play game is the top-streamed game on Twitch at the moment, beating out Riot Games' League of Legends, andit only looks as if it will continue to rise in popularity as it makes its way to mobile in an official capacity. This deal that Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime have together is incredible. I'm very goofy. If you ever watch any of my streams or my YouTube videos, I do impressions and stuff like that all the time and just insane shenanigans. "The combination of that - it's a hybrid". "It's just really fun to watch and a pretty positive environment as well". Investing and saving, as well as making charitable donations, he said.

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Additionally, Blevin details his humble beginnings pre-streaming notoriety, while also giving a word of advice to prospective gamers. Even when he started to see money from his streams coming in, he stuck with his schooling and his part time job at a noodle bar. "All the kids out there, you can't just drop everything and focus on playing videogames for a living", he said. Google search volume interest for "Fortnite" exceeded "Minecraft" in recent weeks. This former professional Halo player is now the biggest streamer on Twitch after switching to Fortnite. Fortnite, specifically its free-to-play Battle Royale mode, has become an incredible success, and stands as one of the most popular games now available. Already the game topped the charts in several countries.

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The company said that common searches during the same session included game names such as Overwatch, Team Fortress and the search term "video game". It has also beaten all other mobile gaming apps in terms of in-app revenue collected, according to Sensor Tower. What keeps the match flowing is the "Storm Eye" concept in which the game slowly constricts the map eventually forcing players to converge in one area of the map. So, its numbers will surely surge once it reaches other iOS users and the Android version hits the Play Store. PUBG CEO tried to call out Epic for what they feel is a blatant ripoff of their game but due to the PUBG uses Epic's Unreal game engine complicates matters. If you are on an Android device, please sign up... It appears, Android users will have to wait for a while to get their hands on this immensely popular game.

Ninja's Monthly Earnings Top $500000 Streaming Fortnite on Twitch