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Celebrities and Top Fortnite Players Will Battle at E3

18 March 2018

From the PVP of the popular Battle Royale mode to the PVE of the regular game, Fortnite has a lot to offer players of all types on any system.

Game developers have likely already heard about the fervor surrounding battle royale games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale, so the fact that the latter's mobile launch has generated a buzz shouldn't be too surprising. The game is often compared to PUBG given how similar both are, so if you get a similar game to PUGB for free, that's a win-win.

Having played Fortnite for a while, it really is a throwaway gameplay experience with its short games. Moreover, PUBG is more competitive and has a bit more cheating and hardcore environment to it.

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Eventually, Ninja would assemble an unlikely crew of "Fortnite" players, including himself, Drake, American rapper Travis Scott, and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. Even old laptop users can run Fortnite.

The world at large was obliged to take notice of the battle royale phenomenon this week when Drake elected to play the newly ubiquitous hit FortniteBattle Royale and broadcast the action to streaming service Twitch - an event that swiftly made online history as the most-watched gaming live stream of all time.

The game is so popular now that top streamers such as Ninja and Shroud are playing the game.

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Wingren surmises that the monetization of ot multiplayer games from other video game publishers will suffer by about 10 percent due to the competition Fortnite brings. His penchant for commentary and self-promotion, especially for Twitch's Prime subscription, has earned him more than 50,000 subscribers in just over a week, as the Twitch Reddit community noted. Celebrities joining in on the Fortnite hype speaks volumes about the game's current popularity. In my opinion, it's not as remarkable as we are being led to believe in the gaming and mainstream press, but Social media and Twitch continue to push Fortnite as an fantastic game of which we've never seen the like.

Many gamers wouldn't be out of line in forgetting that Fortnite wasn't even meant to be a battle royale title in the first place - starting its early access development as a fort-building and survival game.

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Celebrities and Top Fortnite Players Will Battle at E3