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'We had your backs': Trudeau on country's steel and aluminum workers

15 March 2018

"We're negotiating right now NAFTA and we're going to hold off the tariff on those two countries to see whether or not we're able to make the deal on NAFTA", he said.

The U.S. has said further delays might imperil the negotiations, with an outsider candidate leading polls for Mexico's July 1 election, and with Trump's party in danger of losing control of the U.S. Congress.

Brazil has said it will seek exemption from the newly imposed tariffs.

Trump did say he expected both Canada and Mexico to take action to prevent other countries from sneaking steel into the sending them to Canada or Mexico first. Trump later said he would temporarily exempt Canada and Mexico but tied that deal to NAFTA renegotiations.

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Canada has been particularly recalcitrant in making any concessions on its dairy policy, a key issue for the USA where dairy producers are suffering economically.

Trudeau's view has prominent support: A poll of leading economists from the University of Chicago has found rare unanimity on the topic, with a newly released survey Monday showing that zero per cent of economists surveyed believe tariffs will help Americans.

Sean Donnelly, who heads Canada's largest steel manufacturer, added that the government must put resources in place to ensure cheap steel is not diverted to Canada after Trump decided last week to impose a 25 percent tariffs on steel imports.

"(We're) highlighting that the imposition of tariffs on Canada would end up hurting the USA nearly as much as it would hurt Canada". On Saturday, Cecilia Malmström, the European Union's trade commissioner, met with the United States trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, in Brussels, after a meeting that also included Japan to talk about steel overcapacity.

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There's no question steel is an essential part of a wide range of weapons and other goods used by the military, from tanks to battleships.

Trudeau called his American counterpart during a tour of aluminum facilities in Quebec, on a day the prime minister did American television interviews to promote the integrated Canada-U.S. economy. There is no better security partner in the world.

Canada is now the largest provider of steel and aluminum to the United States, Approximately 85 per cent of Canadian steel and aluminum go there. He was to also visit three Canadian steel cities this week to reassure workers.

The tour was planned before the tariff exemption was confirmed but will still go ahead despite the exemption, with stops in Alma., Que, Hamilton, Ont., Sault Ste.

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Unsurprisingly, news of the new tariffs has sparked a global outcry from major steel exporters around the world among which countries in Europe and Canada threatened to retaliate in kind.

'We had your backs': Trudeau on country's steel and aluminum workers