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Kirk Cousins: Minnesota Vikings Will Sign Free Agent QB

15 March 2018

According to an ESPN report, the former Michigan State Spartans star will ink a three-year deal with the Vikings for an estimated $84 million.

Cousins is a solid player who will make the Vikings better, but he is also remarkably flawed. Again, such teams would include the Jets and Bills, assuming those teams draft quarterbacks.

If you're Cousins, you like that! Most Major League Baseball, NBA and NHL players can expect a full paycheck as soon as the ink is dry, but while NFL players occasionally receive some guaranteed money, they often can get left out in the cold.

The Vikings know it because they realize they're in an arms race.

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Minnesota needed to keep up, even if it is dramatically overpaying to do so. Wide receiver Allen Robinson will reportedly sign a three-year, $42 million deal with the Chicago Bears.

Case Keenum threw the touchdown that beat New Orleans in January's divisional playoff but looks set to leave Minnesota for the Denver Broncos when free agency opens up on Wednesday. Where does that put them among the other teams in terms of odds? There had been speculation the future Hall of Famer would move to the Minnesota Vikings but on Tuesday he confirmed he has agreed a new deal with the Saints, thought to be for two years and worth $50m. That's an nearly unseemly sum for a player averaging fewer than 30 receiving yards per game over the course of his career.

Having the deal be fully or nearly fully guaranteed would be a significant step, given that some observers have been critical of the lack of guaranteed contracts in the NFL. The Broncos now have around $29 million in salary cap space and could afford to present him a competitive deal to lure him.

Given Bradford's injury history, that'll be about $10 million per start.

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The Jets are rebuilding with younger players, and they're multiple years (not multiple months) away from being a serious playoff contender.

The #Vikings are in the driver's seat for free agent QB Kirk Cousins. And the team did pick up the $4 million on Demaryius Thomas' contract, as John Elway said he would do two weeks ago at the NFL Combine. Right now, the entire National Football League is that GIF in which Scrooge McDuck dives into a pile of gold.

After not wanting to commit to a long-term deal with Washington, Cousins wanted to get a feel of the free agency market. Bridgewater, meanwhile, is gradually working his way back from a serious knee injury that cost him most of the past two seasons.

Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty - drafted in 2016 and 2015, respectively - clearly aren't legit starters, so the Jets could easily part with both of them, to make room for everybody in the quarterback room.

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Kirk Cousins: Minnesota Vikings Will Sign Free Agent QB