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Trump fires Tillerson, a moderate; replaces him with hawkish spy chief Pompeo

14 March 2018

The dialogue involves External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and their American counterparts.

Late-night hosts had a blast Tuesday with the news that President Trump had fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, stacking their monologues with jokes aimed at the two men.

A high-level Indian delegation led by Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale and Defense Secretary G Mohan Kumar were scheduled to be in USA for a series of preparatory meetings with their American counterparts for the next month's dialogue.

"Some might say you would look like a moron if you acted so impulsively on the world stage and you would fire on Twitter, your Secretary of State", said Brzezinski Wednesday.

"With Mike, Mike Pompeo, we have a very similar thought process". One White House official added that Trump has been angry with Shulkin and raised the idea about the switch to Perry on Monday but didn't offer the job. "Tillerson has at times been quite critical of China, including of Belt and Road", Jia said.

Pompeo, on the other hand, adamantly opposes the Iran nuclear deal and reportedly has a much stronger personal relationship with the president.

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Republicans are hoping to move quickly to install CIA Director Mike Pompeo in Tillerson's place before President Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the coming months.

The first eruption of tensions with Trump came past year when Trump balked at condemning neo-Nazis and far-right extremists who had led a violent rally in Virginia in August.

Mr Tillerson was said to have repeatedly complained about a perceived invasion of his territory by Mr Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Although his nomination as state secretary had won the recommendations from former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and defense chief Robert Gates, Tillerson clashed with Trump over both domestic and worldwide issues.

Tillerson's ouster comes just days after Trump fired the opening salvo in what critics warn could become a trade war. One thing is sure; we have not heard the end of the behind-the-scenes decision to fire Tillerson and its connection with Trump's policies towards Russian Federation.

He also bragged about the state department and USA military agreeing on the fact that "US leadership works on diplomacy" in another alleged dig at Trump's usual way of calling out various states and communities openly.

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Unlike others in the administration who have always been within Trump's orbit, Tillerson didn't know Trump well at the start of his tenure and his independence was seen as a problem.

But before that gathering, his deputy John Sullivan - who will serve as acting secretary until Tillerson's successor, Mike Pompeo, is confirmed - will hold a meeting to plan for the transition, including identifying key personnel to lead outreach to Pompeo's staff, help him prepare for his confirmation hearing and keep him abreast of what is going on at the State Department until he takes office.

And Tillerson never really seemed at ease in a public role.

Or, perhaps he'll follow the course that Tillerson set in motion, and simply ignore the climate issue entirely, choosing instead to focus on higher priorities, like the nuclear agreement with Iran and participating in the delicate talks with North Korea.

Trump said in a statement on Tuesday that Pompeo has a "proven record of working across the aisle".

"Tillerson's moderating and stabilizing influence would be significantly missed in the Trump administration, Rasmussen predicted". The Tennessee Republican had what he described as a "very good conversation" with the Central Intelligence Agency director on Tuesday.

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I think there is nothing that we can see that Tillerson did on the trip in particular that would lead to his sacking.

Trump fires Tillerson, a moderate; replaces him with hawkish spy chief Pompeo