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Theresa May welcomes Facebook decision to remove Britain First page

14 March 2018

However, it says that the main Britain First page, as well as those of leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, repeatedly broke rules about incitement of hatred against minority groups. Pages associated with those members were also booted from Facebook's platform.

"We are an open platform for all ideas and political speech goes to the heart of free expression", said Facebook.

But in its post, Facebook made it clear that there was a fine line between expressing controversial political views and expressing hate.

Neither Britain First nor Facebook immediate responded to inquiries about the nature of the banned material, but the Daily Telegraph said they included an image of the group's leaders with the caption "Islamophobic and Proud" and multiple videos posted deliberately to incite hateful comments against Muslims. In December past year, Twitter banned them for violating its community standards.

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Britain First is a vile and hate-fueled group.

In a statement Facebook said: "Content posted on the Britain First Facebook page and the pages of party leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen has repeatedly broken our Community Standards".

President Trump caused controversy previous year when her retweeted three videos tweeted by Jayda Fransen that appeared to have an Islamophobic message.

Fransen was given 36 weeks in prison while Golding was given 18 weeks for harassing Muslim men involved in a rape trial.

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Facebook has erased the page belonging to Britain First, a notorious anti-Islamic political group whose videos were previously shared online by President Trump.

Facebook emphasised that they had not taken this decision lightly, and defended their position, stating: "There are times though when legitimate political speech crosses the line and becomes hate speech created to stir up hatred against groups in our society".

The ban means their group will not be permitted to set up an official Facebook page in the future.

In a blog post, Facebook said it had warned the group about its posts to no effect, and that the ban was not a decision it took "lightly". "I welcome Facebook's decision to remove their content from its platform - their sick intentions to incite hatred within our society via social media are reprehensible".

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has been particularly vocal in demanding that social media companies act on extremist content.

Theresa May welcomes Facebook decision to remove Britain First page