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The internet can't get over this Chinese journalist's dramatic eye-roll

14 March 2018

Meanwhile, her facial expressions are now going viral.

Awesome to see how these two ladies just exploded over Chinese social media in the span of a few hours.

According to What's On Weibo, a website that monitors social media trends on the mainland, Liang works for Shanghai-based financial news outlet Yicai, while Zhang works for American Multimedia Television USA (AMTV), which broadcasts Chinese state television programs in the US and claims to be the first local American television on the US West Coast to have signed a cooperation deal with China's state broadcaster CCTV.

An eye-roll can say a lot, or even too much, according to mainland China's online censors.

As the question about China's Belt and Road infrastructure project dragged on for 45 seconds, Liang grimaced, glanced sideways to give the woman dressed in red a disbelieving once-over, and concluded with a majestic, head-turning eye-roll.

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A journalist in China, Liang Xiangyi was caught on camera rolling her eyes at another reporter.

Soon after Liang Xiangyi became one of the most searched names in China, censors tried to curtail the hysteria.

Reporters from media outlets based overseas but with ties back to China's state media apparatus are often called on at government events so that Beijing can appear to cede the floor to "foreign" journalists - who will nonetheless toe the party line. On Taobao, the freewheeling online marketplace, vendors began selling T-shirts and cellphone cases bearing her image.

The eye roll comes at one of the most delicate political moments in recent Chinese history, however, and may come back to haunt the journalist.

This year's Two Sessions will most likely be remembered for the near-unanimous passing of a constitutional amendment that rescinded term limits for its president.

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On Tuesday morning Beijing had announced a major government overhaul that was overshadowed by Liang's hammy performance.

Another user said the eye-roll represented "a true, human response to the hypocritical and exaggerated depiction of peace and harmony that always surfaces at these events".

"Anything already posted must be deleted". Rumours swirled that she had been fired; the journalist's Weibo account had also been closed.

As the question crossed the 30 second mark, she could help but express her disdain.

The authorities, sensing the anti-establishment tone to the eye-roll immediately revoked her accreditation. "And how do you think China's multi-lateral trading system will develop in the future?" "Please summarize for us, thank you".

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The internet can't get over this Chinese journalist's dramatic eye-roll