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Smoking Can Increase The Chances Of Going Deaf By 60 Percent

14 March 2018

"Smoking Cessation Clinics are ran by specialist stop smoking practitioners who offer ongoing support and advice, help develop a personal quit plan based on the individual's needs and provide information on stop smoking products, withdrawal symptoms and coping strategies". However-and perhaps more alarming-the model estimated that, at the same time, an additional 168,000 adolescents and young adults who had never smoked cigarettes began smoking and eventually became daily cigarette smokers after first using e-cigarettes.

"That's why the city council is offering lots of leisure opportunities to enable people to use exercise to help them quit and stop smoking long-term".

A 2017 study found that almost a quarter of adult cigarette smokers used e-cigarettes to quit.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is backing the latest evidence published by Public Health England in February, which states that vaping with e-cigarettes is at least 95% safer than smoking, and that e-cigarette vapour does not harm bystanders.

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While nicotine is highly addictive, it does not cause smoking-related diseases such as cancer. Quit smoking services are also available in GP practices, health and wellbeing centres, community, workplace and youth settings including schools.

Scientists today discovered adults who smoke are 60% more likely too suffer hearing loss.

Smoking appeared to affect the ability to hear both high and low frequency sounds, but the association with high frequency loss was greater.

However, a growing body of research suggests that e-cigarette devices are not as "harm-free" as manufacturers claim they are.

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'On the other hand, e-cigarettes may facilitate cigarette smoking initiation and confer substantial harm to adolescents and young adults once they are introduced to nicotine'.

Representatives from Reynolds American Inc., which owns market-leading e-cigarette Vuse, and competitor Altria Group Inc., maker of MarkTen and APEX, didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

The study found that even with the number of years gained from using e-cigarettes to stop smoking, a total of 1.5 million years of life could be lost as a result of use in the future. But now a new and novel effect of the habit has been discovered. "The risk of hearing loss associated with smoking seems to decrease in the five years after stopping smoking", said the authors. "And when it comes to health benefits, I'm now 100% on all of them, bar lung cancer but I'm 67% of the way to being the same as a non-smoker when it comes to the risk of developing lung cancer".

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Smoking Can Increase The Chances Of Going Deaf By 60 Percent