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Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release And Spring Event Update

14 March 2018

Starting March 22 players will begin to find themselves face to face with Deviljho, a fierce beast whose endless stomach has him in search of any monsters or hunters that lie in his path.

The first major Monster Hunter World update is coming out on March 22, bringing with it a variety of new changes to the way that you play the game. Every player will get one voucher for free on 22nd March, and further vouchers will be available to purchase at a later date.

Now shifting things to a much lighter mood... shortly after the arrival of the mean pickle in Monster Hunter: World, we'll be hosting our very first seasonal event: the Spring Blossom Fest. You'll have until the end of Spring Blossom Fest on 18th April at 5pm PT (20th April, 12am GMT) to unlock the weapon.

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During the Spring Blossom Fest, the Gathering Hub will be decked out with flowers and other springtime decorations. The festival will include daily quests, special food and maybe even some fireworks. Wyvern Ignition was designed as part of the series' traditional fan design contest. April 13th is also the day in which the Mega Man quest will be implemented.

Update: Capcom has gone over all the new updates in a blog post.

A quality of life improvement will be added, as well, with the option to return to the gathering hall after a quest has been completed.

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Attacks from allies no longer interrupt you during the carving animation.

April brings with it a whole range of new content to Monster Hunter: World, too. One extra detail worth noting is the introduction of Character Edit Vouchers, which will allow you to change your hunter's gender and appearance.

Are you looking forward to fighting this fierce new enemy?

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Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release And Spring Event Update