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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Most of Texas' Sanctuary Cities Law

14 March 2018

On September 25, a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit ruled that Texas could enforce key provisions of Senate Bill 4 while it appealed the lower court ruling.

The law, known as Senate Bill 4, calls for jail for police chiefs, sheriffs and possibly frontline officers who fail to cooperate over USA immigration.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton applauded the decision in a statement.

Texas state law to punish
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Most of Texas' Sanctuary Cities Law

He said that certain activities, like immigration arrests, were the exclusive responsibility of the federal government, and that the A.C.L.U. could file challenges in specific cases if Immigration and Customs Enforcement demanded that local officials take such actions - or if evidence of racial discrimination came to light.

A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld the bulk of Texas' crackdown on "sanctuary cities" in a victory for the Trump administration as part of its aggressive fight against measures seen as protecting immigrants who are in the us illegally.

The ruling was a blow to Texas' biggest cities -including Houston, Dallas and San Antonio - that sued past year to prevent enforcement of what opponents said is now the toughest state-level immigration measure on the books in the U.S. Greg Abbott and Republican supporters of the law. "Risky criminals shouldn't be allowed back into our communities to possibly commit more crimes". Sessions admonished California politicians for not cooperating with federal authorities on immigration enforcement issues.

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, which is helping with the case against the law, said after the ruling that it will look at challenging its enforcement, rather than the law itself, now that it is going into effect.

Another piece of the bill, the most controversial and the part that's still on hold, threatens any local official found to have "adopted, enforced or endorsed" policies that limit or prohibit immigration enforcement with removal from office and time in jail.

Mayor Steve Adler was reserved in his statement to the press.

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"Words just can't express how disappointed I am with this ruling". We are reviewing the Court's opinion to determine any additional steps that need to be taken.

From here, all parties will await a final ruling from the federal court in San Antonio, with an expectation that this case will ultimately be heard by the Supreme Court.

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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Most of Texas' Sanctuary Cities Law