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Where could Kim Jong-un meet Donald Trump?

13 March 2018

During the meeting, McMaster and Haley urged the global community to maintain maximum pressure on the North Korean regime and asked Council members to devote the political will and resources necessary to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions to hold the regime accountable.

The Trump administration on Sunday confirmed that there will be no additional conditions imposed on North Korea before a first-ever meeting of the leaders of the two nations.

After the first inter-Korea summit meeting with former South Korean President Kim Dae Jung in June 2000, Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, tried to meet then U.S. President Bill Clinton, and held leadership talks with Japan in 2002.

Tillerson says many steps must occur before the meeting between Trump and Kim.

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The "greatest risk", she said, is "that the President and his team give this an effort, but because they don't get every single thing that they want that they say it's hopeless, and really create the prerequisite for war".

Observers say the meeting has raised expectations of progress in resolving the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Both countries have global reputations as mediators, and both played a role as members of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission helping to regulate relations between the two Koreas after the 1953 armistice that paused - but did not officially end - the Korean War.

Kim Jong-un's father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, was known to be afraid of flying, but the younger Kim has been shown in official photos getting off airplanes and even "flying" a North Korean designed aircraft. Trump has vowed to prevent that, by force if necessary.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday that Japan wanted to see a resolution to the issue of past abductions of Japanese citizens from talks with North Korea and that North Korea must match its words with actions. South Korea National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong made the announcement in front of the White House in Washington, DC, this weekend.

He said Japan, South Korea and the United States should discuss details of their strategy ahead of the planned talks between the US and North Korea "in order to make the dialogue a meaningful one". Pyongyang might have taken such a step to maximize its bargaining power without crossing any red lines, which would result in a USA military assault.

A date and location for the meeting have yet to be announced, although it is expected to take place in the next few months. In an interview en route to the Middle East, Defence Secretary Jim Mattis declined to discuss the timing and scale of the exercises.

In Geneva, the United Nations investigator on North Korea told the world body's Human Rights Council that any progress in the nuclear and security dialogue must be accompanied by talks on human rights violations, including political prison camps.

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For all Kim's bluster and extravagance, he leads "an exceedingly weak and arguably very fragile regime", Bacevich said, "and my guess is their principal objective is to remain in power". "But perhaps Kim made a more far-reaching offer".

Where could Kim Jong-un meet Donald Trump?