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NASA's People's Assembly Suspended

13 March 2018

Southern Africa Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says Africa is looking at how Zambia will reciprocate following the reconciliation between Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The People's Assembly steering committee chairman and NASA strategist David Ndii, said the decision was made to provide room to unify and get the country on the right course.

The People's Assembly was announced in the wake of presidential election in August, and a repeat vote in October, both won by Kenyatta and both dismissed by the opposition as fraudulent. "We are therefore in this spirit suspending the People's Assembly process", Ndii read out.

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In the election aftermath, about 150 people were killed and Mr Odinga subsequently swore himself in as the "people's president" and refused to recognise election victor, Mr Kenyatta, as head of state.

The National Super Alliance has suspended the People's Assembly process.


Organisers at the time said the People's Assembly was not meant to be a parallel government, but other statements said citizens would be able to use it to "exercise their sovereignty" until what they called "proper elections" were held.

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Even though the meeting was planned last week, it has acquired some extra significance following Mr Odinga's Friday meeting with Mr Kenyatta.

Last Friday, President Kenyatta and Odinga surprised Kenyans including those close to them after their meeting at Harambee House where they resolved to set aside their political differences for the sake of national unity and urged Kenyans to move forward together as a united people.

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NASA's People's Assembly Suspended