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WWE Fastlane 2018: Star Ratings For All 7 Matches

12 March 2018

Time, story, crowd reaction, psychology, placement on the card, and other extenuating circumstances determine whether fans talk about certain matches years later or forget about them altogether. Its been nine months since she won the rematch of the Money in the Bank match and while she has attempted to cash in, the attempts have not been successful.

In addition to Styles vs. Nakamura, the Fastlane main event planted a few more seeds for WrestleMania. After almost twenty minutes, Orton caught Roode coming off the top with an RKO for the clean pin and the title. Nah. Bobby jumped off the second turnbuckle and Randy hit an RKO and that was it. Jinder ran in afterward and Roode laid out both men. The following week another brawl broke out and it was Mahal again who came out victorious.

Fast forward to the 20th of February edition of Smackdown Live; The New Day went head to head against former #1 contenders Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable (who were coming off a disappointing Royal Rumble Tag Team Championship match) to determine who would go to Fastlane to face off against the twins. "When you get to this upper level things change in the way that you work in the ring, the way you act, everything and he had to learn really quick basically how to be a big star in WWE which sounds easy, but it's not".

Ruby Riott never actually earned this match; she just annoyed Charlotte Flair enough into getting it. The WWE SmackDown Women's Champion was attacked during a segment in which she was wondering about her WrestleMania opponent. If she's winning, she'll lose. The "Queen" retained her Smackdown Women's title against Ruby Riott in a high-profile match.

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Last year, the Usos and the New Day had the best rivalry of the year.

Couldn't the team of writers they employ just have gone with Cena wants to have the greatest WrestleMania Moment ever? The Usos and The New Day will continue their long feud for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and a spot at 'Mania. After Renee mistakenly calls Booker the first United States Champion they correctly state it was Harley Race. We'll soon find out. If Cena wins the six-pack challenge then he'll become a 17-time world champion, surpassing the record set by 16-time world champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

The match started with a bang, with John Cena giving "Attitude Adjustments" to everyone in the match, who charged at him barring the champion, who refrained from making a move.

Owens hit Ziggler with a Pop-up Powerbomb and The Underdog from the Underground took out KO with a Helluva Kick but both pin attempts were broken by McMahon. Cena, despite losing what he deemed his one ticket to WrestleMania, congratulated Styles and raised the champ's hand up in victory after the cameras stopped rolling.

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Who will win and get one step closer to WrestleMania 34?

On the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, there was a five-way match, which was won by Zayn. Tonight is the very last pay-per-view on the road to WrestleMania 34.

WWE Fastlane will take place on Sunday, March 11.

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