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Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Free Remasters on Steam

12 March 2018

Just in time for the new Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie releasing this year, there is news about the good old classics. Realtech VR has stated that they are bringing back the first three Tomb Raider games for a brand new audience to enjoy.

The new 3D Engine has been rebuilt to the latest OpenGL platform and comes with a better post system (improved lighting simulation, environmental shading, and more), and support for both Windows 7 and Windows UWP. There is no release date set for the games yet. The remasters will also include the DLC packs Unfinished Business and The Golden Mask, along with bug fixes and further improvements by Realtech VR.

Tomb Raider
STUDIO STILLThe new Tomb Raider releases this weekend

Presumably the remasters will feature better graphics, although exactly how much better is subjective as gameplay footage of the remasters for Tomb Raider 1 and 2 are available above and below.

As Realtech VR claimed, these remasters will require the purchase of the DOS version of each game being sold on Steam. Last but not least, the remasters will support OpenVR.

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In case you're one of those who began their PC third-person role playing genre with games like Tomb Raider 1 or 2, then you're in for a treat.

According to RealtechVR: "The port is relying on Steam because we won't provide game data". You'll need to own the games on Steam in order to play the remasters because they're essentially mods of those versions, but if you do then they'll be completely free.

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Work on the first two games have been completed and Realtech VR is now working on the third game.

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Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Free Remasters on Steam