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Microsoft's Xbox One spring update loaded with new features

12 March 2018

Microsoft is taking another step towards maximum compatibility for its Xbox consoles. The first episode had details on Sea of Thieves, PixArk, and the Xbox version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The upcoming Xbox spring update will already include support fro 1440p on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S for monitors, but adding support for FreeSync will allow compatible displays to sync refresh rates with Microsoft's game consoles.

When you come back to the TVs main menu to launch Netflix, for example, the Low Latency mode will be disabled and your TV will automatically return to the classic settings so you can enjoy the best experience. Freesync-compatible displays are able to sync their refresh rates directly with the Xbox One, helping to eliminate issues like tearing and stuttering, and letting the games run as smooth as possible. We have Low Framerate Compensation, which for almost 20 FreeSync monitors can sustain smooth gameplay down to around 25 FPS.

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Along with FreeSync, Xbox One users will also be introduced to the new "share to Twitter" feature, which allows users to share gameplay clips and screenshots right onto their Twitter.

Those who like to game on PC monitors will be more interested in the Freesync feature. If anyone happens to use Mixer for game streaming, they'll be able to let viewers take control of the game remotely using a virtual or physical controller.

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With a supported TV, the mode will automatically switch to a low-latency mode at the start of your game. Microsoft says the update is coming "later this spring".

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Microsoft's Xbox One spring update loaded with new features