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Snapchat Adds @Mentions Tagging, Stepping Up Rivalry With Instagram

10 March 2018

We've all known about the whole Instagram-Snapchat-copycat thing for years at this point, and it looks like its Snapchat's turn to start bringing over some of its biggest competitor's features to its own mobile apps.

Apparently the new tagging system is now being rolled out - so be on the lookout!

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You then type the '@' symbol followed by the username of the person you're trying to tag.

Snapchat confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature, which was discovered by prominent Snapchatter Matt Rappaport, is being tested but has not been rolled out yet to all users. Also, whoever gets tagged will receive a notification, so nothing will remain unseen.

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It's the latest killer move in an ongoing war between Instagram and Snapchat. This would allow other users who look at your Story to tap that username and go find out who you tagged.

As TechCrunch notes, tagging other users serves as a new way to communicate with friends on the app, while spotlighting your favorite Snapchat users. Usernames will automatically generate a tappable link to the associated profile.

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Users can add multiple GIFs to their Snap and add the animated stickers to videos by pressing and holding on the sticker to pin it to something in their Snap.

Snapchat Adds @Mentions Tagging, Stepping Up Rivalry With Instagram