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Protesters held after scaling Iran embassy in London

10 March 2018

London's Metropolitan Police said the four were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and being unlawfully on diplomatic premises.

Four men dressed in black raided the Iranian embassy in London Friday afternoon, reportedly threatening staffers with machetes and baseball bats before climbing the façade of the building and taking down the Iranian flag.

It is understood the protesters did not manage to get inside the building and came down voluntarily after a couple of hours.

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The ambassador then denounced the Friday attack on the Iranian embassy by the Shirazi cult, which he branded as a deviated ideology, and said that storming the embassy building before the eyes of public was a brazen violation of the global law.

"The British government and police could prevent a few number of mobs from attacking Iran's embassy and should be accountable for this", he said.

The report said supporters of an "extreme cult" living in Britain were responsible.

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Persian contributor Hossein Aghaie confirmed the information on Twitter, adding that Shirazi's son Hossein was recently arrested for criticizing Iran's leadership.

The group Khoddam al-Mahdi that attacked the Iranian embassy in London is one of several Iraqi and Iranian groups that support Ayatollah Sadeq Shirazi as their "source of emulation", a term used in Shiite jurisprudence for grand ayatollahs with large groups of followers.

Hopton, for his part, expressed regret over the incident and explained about the performance of the United Kingdom police and the arrest of protesters, and said he will convey Iran's message to London and will provide Tehran with answers as soon as possible.

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Ali Akbar Velayati, a top foreign policy adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said on Saturday that the British government should be accountable to Iran for the attack.

Protesters held after scaling Iran embassy in London