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Governor Rick Scott will meet with families from Parkland on Friday

09 March 2018

"Someone is shooting up Marjory Stoneman Douglas", he said. Peterson told the police dispatcher to "make sure no one comes inside the school".

The Broward County Sheriff's Office released a sampling of the calls operated received on February 14.

Only 10 of 81 calls to regional 911 operators were released on Thursday and portions of the audio have been redacted, with only one of the published calls made by someone within the school at the time.

The Florida Education Association on Thursday asked Scott to veto the measure, saying more than 200,000 school employees could qualify to carry firearms, which would "do more harm than good".

Late Wednesday, the Florida House of Representatives voted 67-to-50 to approve legislation to spend $400 million on mental health screening and services and school hardening.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office in Florida is responding to reports of a shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. There are reports of victims
Governor Rick Scott will meet with families from Parkland on Friday

The first calls show the operators' confusion.

The recordings detail the initial commotion over events as Nikolas Kruz, 19, began his assault on students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 rifle.

Woman: "I love you, I love you".

It would also create the so-called "guardian program" that allows school employees and many teachers to carry handguns if they go through law enforcement training and their school districts agree to participate.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was among the 17 killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, said he was asked to stay in Tallahassee in order to meet with Scott on Friday. Our goal in responding to walk-out plans and other forms of peaceful assembly is to try and keep the focus on teaching and learning while allowing those students who choose to express themselves to do so while assuring student and staff safety.

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Dispatcher: "But she's OK, right?" Just 13 months earlier, the same 911 center had handled a mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale's airport that left six dead. Numerous chaotic calls are from parents trying to relay information to emergency operators.

The measure doesn't impose any restrictions on assault-style weapons or high-capacity gun magazines, priorities of numerous parents and students at the high school, where the accused murderer, Nikolas Cruz, used an AR-15 rifle to commit the carnage.

With safety in mind, administrators from Rutherford County and Williamson County Schools told News4 they are working to coordinate secure places for students inside and outside the school.

As the call drags on, the mother can be heard in the background encouraging the girl, who hears noises in the hallway.

"If you plan to engage your students in a discussion, you must plan to be respectful of all perspectives and ensure your students have an appropriate and civil discussion of the issue at hand", the officials said. It's going to be fine if you hide somewhere.

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And Wednesday night, when the US women's soccer team beat England 1-0 to win the SheBelieves Cup tournament in Orlando, Florida, the match was preceded by a moment of silence for Douglas soccer player and shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff.

Seconds later, officers burst into the room and the girls are safe.

"I know at least four or five people are doing it just in my grade level; I don't know how many are in any other grade levels, but I'm going to do it too", adds Arthur Arevalo.

While SLCUSD remains neutral on political topics, McGrath says students are free to take a stance. Deputies set up a perimeter. He later retired rather than accept a suspension.

By now, students are flooding out of the school.

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Governor Rick Scott will meet with families from Parkland on Friday