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There's a Tomb Raider Barbie doll

21 February 2018

A new Tomb Raider Barbie has been revealed by Mattel that is modeled after actress Alicia Vikander, the star of the upcoming Tomb Raider film based on the 2013 video game.

Unveiled by IGN, the new Croft figure features Lara's trademark long locks, combat gear, a map, a journal and - naturally - a pickaxe.

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The Tomb Raider Barbie is a Barbie Signature doll with a fully-articulated body. She's also bandaged up and holds her climbing axe.

Other accessories include a toy stand and a certificate of authenticity, for all those keen collectors. There's no release date but the movie comes out in mid March, so it's sure to release in the near future. We're still waiting on the first great film adaptation of a video game, so maybe Tomb Raider will be it. While she loves independent and arthouse cinema, she is also attracted towards the big adventure films.

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ALICIA Vikander has pointed out her boobs aren't as perky as her Tomb Raider predecessor.

As for the doll itself, it's pretty cool. "This is a more down-to-earth Lara Croft than we've seen before on film, which appealed to me", he tells us. The games were usually in third person to make action and puzzle solving easier for players to navigate. I hope so, there's definitely a bunch more options then when I was younger. Now I just casually find them in the discount bin at the store whenever I go.

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The Barbie Signature doll is available to pre-order at a cost of $29.99 (around £21) and will ship from 9 March 2018, a week before the film opens in the United States and UK.

There's a Tomb Raider Barbie doll