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Russians charged in US election tampering

18 February 2018

President Donald Trump's national security adviser said Saturday there was "incontrovertible" evidence of a Russian plot to disrupt the 2016 us election, a blunt statement that shows how significantly the new criminal charges leveled by an American investigator have upended the political debate over his inquiry.

According to the indictment released by special counsel Robert Mueller's office, a Russian organization operating under the name Internet Research Agency waged "information warfare" in the USA throughout the election season.

The accused Russians are unlikely to be arrested or appear in a us court on the charges, which include conspiracy to defraud the United States, wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft, as there is no extradition treaty between the United States and Russia.

Russian Federation denies trying to sway the poll. The indictment said the Russians' conspiracy aimed, in part, to help Republican Donald Trump and harm the prospects of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Russian Federation has repeatedly denied influencing the presidential election. The leaders of the nation's intelligence agencies had traveled to NY on January 6 to brief the president-elect on their findings.

But Lavrov did not say what he specifically disputed in the indictment.

The indictment says those involved systematically monitored the success of their internet posts. But they also organized some rallies opposing Trump, including one in NY after the election called "Trump is NOT my president". In one case, the Russians learned from an unnamed "real US person that they should focus their activities on "purple states" like Colorado, Virginia & Florida".

"Russian efforts to disrupt the 2016 USA election, in part by abusing social media platforms, go against everything we at Twitter believe".

Moscow dismissed the allegations as "absurd".

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The ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is also investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, said in a statement that he is "glad" to see the committee's work "vindicated" by the indictments.

"13 against the billions' budgets of the secret services?" she asked in a Facebook post. "Against the espionage and counter-espionage, against the newest developments and technologies?" foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

Prigozhin has been a friend of Putin since the 1990s. Instead, what we have are Russians accused of illegally interfering in our political process. But of all the things that were forecast and predicted that Mueller might do, I don't remember anybody ever predicting that Russians would be indicted. I am not at all upset that I am in this list. They "see what they want to see". He has built up a business empire and has been accused of using companies to diffuse pro-Kremlin opinions via fake internet identities.

Rosenstein said, "There's no allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge".

And what an apparatus it was.

The indictment puts names to the Russian operatives allegedly behind the 2016 election meddling, which U.S. lawmakers and Silicon Valley companies have been trying to address.

They had a "strategic goal to sow discord in the USA political system" and by mid-2016 were supporting Mr Trump's campaign and Ms Clinton.

Donald Trump says the indictments vindicate him as they show there was no collusion between Russians and his campaign.

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On May 29, 2016, the defendants arranged for an American to stand in front of the White House and hold a sign reading: "Happy 55th Birthday Dear Boss". But the heat is increasing, and the investigation isn't over yet. He has been photographed with the Russian president.

They did it on social media.

Politicians from both major parties have responded with calls for social media companies to do more to prevent political interference via their platforms.

Much of the information in the indictment isn't new. In November of 2016, while organizing a "Show your support for President-elect Donald Trump" rally, at the same time they were organizing another rally in NY called "Trump is not my president".

What is the investigation about?

Additionally the president took to Twitter to reaffirm his campaign's innocence, again claiming "no collusion!" And in fact the indictment recites that the three entities and thirteen individuals charged had "known and unknown co-conspirators". "Or against other candidates in the 2016 election".

Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty in December to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his conversations with Kislyak before Trump's inauguration.

H. R. McMaster, U.S. National Security Adviser speaks at the Security Conference in Munich Feb. 17, 2018.

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Mr. Manafort has repeatedly denied Mr. Steele's charges.