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New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Detailed Ahead Of Chimera Release

18 February 2018

The new characters, Lion and Finka, will be released as part of the game's Operation Chimera event and will be the first release of Ubisoft's planned "Year 3" content. Using these skills Finka injects nanobots into each operator before a round, and is able to activate them while in play to give her team some extra support. At the press of a button, Finka administers a 20% health boost to her entire team, overclocking team members who are already at full health. Finka is rated at two speed and two armor, and her primary weapon choices are the Spear.308, SASG-12, and 6P41. Lastly from the gadgets she can take with her are breaching charges or stun grenades.

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Lion, for instance, is a French bioterror specialist who got his nickname from his loud voice. The drone then triggers and any player from the enemy team caught moving during a 4 second window will show up as a highlighted silhouette for their foes for a short time. Now, the video game publisher and developer has officially unveiled the identities of the two new operators coming to the tactical shooter with the release of a new trailer. He also has two speed and two armor, and his primary weapon options are the V308, 417 Marksman Rifle, and SG-CQB. His secondary selection of pistols include the P9 or LFP586. Like Mute's jammers having the ability to counter Lion's drone and its movement detection.

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Ubisoft revealed the two newest operators for Rainbow Six: Siege during the livestream of the Rainbow Six Invitational tournament.

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Their bio pages go into far greater detail about their personal lives-early days, family woes, regrets, beefs with other Rainbow Sixers-which is interesting but, as far as I can tell, not particularly relevant to the space-zombie-shooting matter at hand unless you're deeply invested in Ubi's "Tom Clancy" game world.

New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Detailed Ahead Of Chimera Release