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Pence: Allies remain united on N. Korea

12 February 2018

It's by far the most sustained public presence for Kim, who had been something of a mystery to many South Koreans, despite her known role in North Korea's politburo.

The two leaders however, did not discuss North Korea's invitation to Moon to visit Pyongyang, according to a senior administration official.

The Trump administration, and successive American administrations before it, has insisted that North Korea must give up its nuclear weapons program if it wants to be treated as part of the global community.

Kim Yo-jong is no mere spectator to her brother's misrule of North Korea. Analysts believe its diplomacy is seeking to weaken the measures against it, and could be trying to loosen the alliance between Seoul and Washington.

The country is asking United Nations officials for help in paying the $184,000 it owes.

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Moon, in a statement, said athletes from North and South will "work together for victory".

"[Moon's administration] had to go a long way requesting a special permission from the Sanctions Committee to allow the North Korean delegation in".

Moon did not immediately accept the offer but in the past has called for efforts to "create the right conditions to realise" such a visit. President Moon and I reflected on that last night.

North Korean player Jong, who had one of the team's eight shots on the night, said she would like to see a unified team continue after the Olympics. She also delivered a letter inviting Moon to a summit with her brother in Pyongyang, and asked him to play a "leading role" in reuniting the two Koreas after almost seven decades. The United States, Soviet Union and China agreed that Japan should lose control over all territories it took by force and placed the peninsula under a trusteeship.

Others chanted 'Let's tear Kim Jong-un to death!' while tearing up a picture of the North Korean leader. His approval ratings, while still high at 63 percent, fell after he pushed for a unified women's ice hockey team for the two Koreas. "Now, if we put our hearts and minds together, it will continue to grow larger and larger and turn into a snowman of peace".

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Moon recalled his past visit to the North's Diamond Mountain resort, where he and his mother met his North Korean aunt during a temporary reunion of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War.

One telling incident came early. The fund had since remained largely dormant for almost a decade, as North Korea's military provocations and nuclear weapons program heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have risen sharply over the previous year, as Kim Jong Un has made rapid progress in his nuclear weapons program and has made clear the program is being developed with the American threat in mind. As the North spent the past year threatening the world with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, people are wary of its recent behavior in the name of "peace" and "harmony".

Invited by Moon for lunch at Seoul's presidential palace, Kim Yo Jong verbally delivered her brother's hope for a summit with Moon in Pyongyang, a meeting that she said would help significantly improve ties after an extended period of animosity.

But North Korea has a habit of not letting itself be ignored when it comes to its southern rival.

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"Then, and only then, will the world community consider negotiating and making changes in the sanctions regime that's placed on them today", Pence said after a meeting with Moon.

Pence: Allies remain united on N. Korea