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North's 'army of beauties' seduces as Koreans' Olympics debut ends in tears

12 February 2018

A Pyongyang orchestra was to give a concert in Seoul as part of a cross-border deal in which the isolated, nuclear-armed North sent hundreds of athletes, cheerleaders and others to the Pyeongchang Games in South Korea.

Kim Yo-jong, who is believed to have studied in Switzerland, just like her elder brother, made headlines as soon as she appeared at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, with many starting to compare her with US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, partially because of the role the two women play in politics.

The two sides stressed on Saturday that they were interested in maintaining movement toward peace.

South Korea said it would seek ways to continue engaging North Korea, including trying to arrange more reunions for families divided by the war and lowering military tensions.

The says Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had a brief exchange with 's nominal head of state and "reiterated his expectation and hope that all parties will use dialogue to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

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Moon hosted talks and a lunch with Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of the North Korean leader, at the presidential Blue House in Seoul.

He didn't say what those conditions were, but he urged North Korea to open a dialogue with the United States, suggesting no diplomatic progress could be made without US participation. The proposal was announced in a meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jong.

A White House spokesman added that Mr Moon had told Mr Pence no one would take pressure off North Korea until it takes steps to denuclearisation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited the South's President Moon Jae-in for a summit in Pyongyang, Seoul said yesterday.

Now engaged in an on-going tiff with the USA over its repeated missile tests and nuclear tests, North Korea has been depicted by the USA and global media as a nation that is overly repressed by its Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un.

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Ms Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of Kim Jong Un,"courteously" handed over a personal letter from the North Korean leader to Mr Moon during talks on Saturday and also told Mr Moon of her brother's "intention", KCNA said, without elaborating on what that was. Kim Jong-un is merely trying to use the South Korean government as a shield to protect him against intensifying global pressure, and he thinks the most effective way to do that would be to hold an inter-Korean summit.

"Then, and only then, will the world community consider negotiating and making changes in the sanctions regime that's placed on them today", Pence said after a meeting with Moon. "But we'll see what happens".

The two Koreas, which remain technically at war since their 1950-53 conflict ended in an armistice instead of a peace treaty, have only had two previous summits.

Moon first met the delegation at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on Friday.

The signs are that the ongoing inter-Korean rapprochement - initiated by the North - could deepen to include the United States and even lead to direct negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington, a close Seoul ally.

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North's 'army of beauties' seduces as Koreans' Olympics debut ends in tears