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MI officer shot during barricaded gunman incident

12 February 2018

Two women were killed and another man was injured at the scene.

A Detroit gunman shot and killed two women and wounded two more people, including a police officer, during a tense standoff that continued through Monday morning, authorities said.

There was no word on the relationship of the dead women to the suspect.

He was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. A bullet struck an officer in the leg but the cop is expected to be OK.

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When officers arrived, someone opened fire.

FOX 2 was told the suspect does suffer from a mental illness and told police he would not go down without a fight.

The gunman is a CPL holder, with seven guns registered to him.

Police are still investigating how the situation began, but believe it may have started with an argument between the suspect and one of the female victims.

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Compounding the situation - a person in a neighboring home also had a least one weapon and was threatening but not actively shooting.

The suspect, in that case, Decharlos O. Brooks, has been charged with eight counts of assault with intent to murder, seven counts of resisting and obstructing, one count of carrying a risky weapon and 17 counts of felony firearm, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Officer.

"This is one thing we always deal with this situation - these situations always revolve around someone with a mental illness that's either untreated or something that they're responsible for self-treating which they do not treat".

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MI officer shot during barricaded gunman incident