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Kim Jong-Un Invites South Korea's President To Summit Meeting

12 February 2018

Women's ice hockey (Korea vs. Switzerland): This will be notable if only because it marks the debut of the joint Korean ice hockey team, a union between North and South Korea that follows an unprecedented Opening Ceremony march together.

Kim Jong-il, Kim's father, had met with two South Korean presidents in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, before his death in 2011: with President Kim Dae-jung in 2000, and with President Roh Moo-hyun in 2007.

The North Korean delegation's visit to the South came after agreements between the two Koreas were reached in January, which enabled the North to participate in the Winter Olympic Games on February 9 in the South Korean county of PyeongChang.

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Kim's unusual invitation, which was received by Moon with both caution and optimism, was the latest sign of growing closeness between the two rival governments after an exceptionally tense period over the North's nuclear weapons program.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported that servers were shut down to prevent damage to technical systems, causing problems with the Pyeongchang Olympic website. That said, the PyeongChang ceremony did manage to beat out the 2008 ceremony in Torino (22.2 million) by 27 percent. The South Koreans want to use the Olympics to ease tensions spurred by North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. Last week, the United States said it would ramp up sanctions. "It was done in hockey, so why not with us?" he said.

The Pyeongchang Olympics are the second ever to be held on the Korean Peninsula, and its first Winter Games.

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Meanwhile, defense experts who analyzed Thursday's military parade in North Korea say it appears the country has a shortage of vehicles used for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.

WASHINGTON-The United States and South Korea have agreed on terms for further diplomatic engagement with North Korea, first with Seoul and then possibly leading to direct talks with Washington without pre-conditions, Vice President Mike Pence said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday.

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Kim Jong-Un Invites South Korea's President To Summit Meeting