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Instagram are testing out Snapchat-style screenshot notifications

12 February 2018

Snapchat-another social platform is already offering this feature. Talking about Instagram Stories, in brief, the feature lets you post an image or video inside your Stories which will not remain on your account permanently.

Of course, as the years have gone by, both Snapchat and Instagram have appropriated the other's features, with Instagram adopting Snapchat's "stories" features a while back now Now, as Techchrunch reports, it seems that Instagram is jumping on the "screenshot notification" bandwagon too. Instagram is testing the Screenshot Alert for stories. As seen from the image attached above, the users will get notified by a loading image next to the person who has taken a screenshot.

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Yes, it appears that Instagram users have begun receiving notifications that the app is implenting new security measures, namely the fact that any screenshot taken of a user's "story" will send a notification to that user, alerting them to your action.

As per a statement given to the TechCrunch Instagram affirmed the test and said that we are always finding methods and ways for improving the experience on Instagram to make it simpler for everyone to share their moments with people who matter the most.

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The company is performing this new test that's more likely meant to check if the new feature has any perceptible effects on user engagement, before resolving whether or not Instagram will be rolling out it to all the users.

Earlier, the alerts for screenshots were provided when someone would take a screenshot of a private direct message. Like there is a chance that people might stop watching stories in greater number as they would not be able to take screenshots anonymously. For photos or stories, it is possible to take a screenshot without notifying the creator.

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Instagram are testing out Snapchat-style screenshot notifications