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House GOP to Continue Dossier Probe Without Memos

12 February 2018

While Republicans remain coy about the specifics of the wall, Republican Mike Conaway appeared to imply that the idea for a wall originated from Devin Nunes himself, the Republican Chairman of the Committee and the author of the memo that has been sending shockwaves in Washington.

Rep. Thomas J. Rooney, R-Fla., senior member of the House Intelligence Committee, told the newspaper that "in a normal world" the committee would have interviewed Justice Department officials that approved the surveillance warrant against a then-Donald Trump campaign aide, Carter Page. "And now the Democrats are doing their memo, and we're in memo hell", Rooney told the Post.

Swalwell, who has represented a Northern California congressional district since 2013, called the decision by Nunes and the Republicans on the committee to release the memo "poisonous" to the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, adding that Democrats deserve to release their rebuttal memo in response to the GOP's.

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The committee voted to release the Democrats' memo early this week, after Republicans stalled, but the White House is still mulling whether to declassify it or not. While committee Republicans have denied any knowledge of the plan, they intimated that it was conceived by Nunes. According to multiple sources, Nunes is also planning on building a wall in the committee's secure spaces soon, to separate the Republican and Democratic staffers. That four-page document alleged widespread surveillance abuses by the FBI, though House Republicans, including Nunes, were forced to walk back key claims that seemed to target the Department of Justice's handling of the Russian Federation investigation.

"While we have more than our share of difficulties, the important oversight work of the committee continues with our staff working together irrespective of party", Schiff said. A spokesman for Nunes did not return a request to comment about the planned wall construction. "This would be a very destructive decision". That divide was laid bare last week by the release of Nunes' partisan memo that purports to show the Federal Bureau of Investigation abused the FISA system to secure a warrant to extend surveillance of a President Donald Trump campaign aide.

The site says it is paid for by Nunes' campaign committee, and the congressman has shared some CARepublican posts on his Facebook page.

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"I said from the beginning that neither of these memos should have been written".

The dramatic fight over the release of these memos is the latest evidence of climbing tension within the House intel committee.

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House GOP to Continue Dossier Probe Without Memos