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McConnell announces budget deal to avoid government shutdown

11 February 2018

The Senate intends to add the budget deal to a short-term spending measure, which, passed by the House on Tuesday, would fund the government through March 23, in order to avoid a government shutdown on Friday, according to local media.

Some House Democrats don't like it because it does not include a solution for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program. Trump said speaking to law enforcement panel.

A single Republican senator had held up passage of the budget bill Thursday, forcing the brief government shutdown, to underscore his fear that increasing spending by hundreds of billions of dollars would explode America's already rising federal deficit and add to the nation's more than $20 trillion national debt.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has said that President Donald Trump's support is a must for any immigration reform bill to proceed and that the lower chamber will address DACA separately from appropriations. "I want them to answer people at home who say, 'How come you were against President Obama's deficits but you're for Republican deficits?' Isn't that the very definition of intellectual dishonestly?"

After a House vote, the Senate could strip out the defence portion and send it back to the House.

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Senate leaders in the US have reportedly reached a two-year budget agreement to resolve a months-long impasse over spending levels.

He said the budget deal was a "genuine breakthrough" after months of legislative logjams.

House GOP appropriators unveiled the short-term spending bill, known as continuing resolution (CR), that would also fund the military at increased levels through the rest of the fiscal year, which ends September 30.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi delivered a record-breaking 8-hour speech on the House floor Wednesday, telling the stories of DREAMers without a break to object to the budget plan's failure to protect those immigrants.

A source close to the House Freedom Caucus, a hardline conservative group of roughly 30 members, said the group was not supportive of the deal. Unlike last month, when Democrats briefly blocked a federal spending bill to try to push Republicans on immigration, neither party has linked the two issues this time as lawmakers have been negotiating over possible immigration compromises.

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Just three weeks ago, a similar failure to agree on a new budget in January resulted in a USA government shutdown for three days, with scores of federal agencies across America unable to continue operating.

The move was needed in order to keep the government operating to give lawmakers more time to fully implement the two-year budget pact.

While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, agreed on the proposed budget with McConnell, not all Democrats are reportedly in agreement. This was the second U.S. shutdown of 2018 began after lone senator held up a congressional vote on the crucial spending bill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said with this agreement they are breaking the logjam on a number of priorities for the American people.

The massive budget deal, which includes a stopgap temporary measure to prevent a government shutdown, includes $300 billion for the military.

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McConnell announces budget deal to avoid government shutdown