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N. Korea and the US Exchange Warnings During Disarmament Talks

08 February 2018

"North Korea has accelerated its provocative pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile capabilities, and expressed explicit threats to use nuclear weapons against the United States and its allies in the region", Wood told the forum.

The disarmament conference came days after US President Donald Trump's administration said it would modernise its existing nuclear stockpile in what is largely a continuation of Barack Obama's nuclear policy.

"North Korean officials insist that they will not give up nuclear weapons, and North Korea may now be only months away from the capability to strike the United States with nuclear-armed ballistic missiles", he said.

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North Korea accused the United States of seeking to aggravate the situation on the divided Korean peninsula by "deploying large nuclear assets" nearby and laying the ground for a possible pre-emptive strike against it.

The US ambassador added that China and Russian Federation were expanding their nuclear arsenals, a claim that prompted anger from their delegations. He added that these three nations were also developing increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapon systems technology which presented a threat to the community of nations. In November it tested the Hwasong-15, believed to be capable of reaching the continental United States.

Pyongyang is under tightening economic embargo that has been imposed courtesy of the USA government and the UN General Assembly.

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On Tuesday, a U.S. envoy said that Pyongyang is only a few months away from having a nuclear warhead that will have the capacity to strike the continental United States and must be disarmed as soon as possible.

North Korea's nuclear tests have culminated in heavy sanctions against the Kim Jong Un regime, and South Korea has frequently called for an end to the tests and for North Korea denuclearization. "I think in anybody's book, an attack against, a first attack, a preventative war attack, constitutes an act of war, which is contemplated under the congressional authorities within our constitution", Mr. Van Hollen, Maryland Democrat, said on CNN. It also presented the first case since 1945 in which the U.S. had not definitively defeated the enemy and hence not dictated the terms surrender.

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N. Korea and the US Exchange Warnings During Disarmament Talks